What to do while unemployed

A lot of times, it is easy to get swallowed by the quest to get a new job which will guarantee the continuous flow of income. Perhaps, it could also guarantee being in a career you are passionate about; however, while on this search, it is critical to ensure that you do not lose sight of the journey and the process therein.

Getting your desired job often has to do with having the skills needed to perform such a job, and because we live in a very competitive job market, one thing you should realize is that quite a lot of people are looking to get the same job which has been advertised by a company, so the candidate count is usually much more than you realize. To stand out, you must meet or exceed the job requirements.

What does this tell you?

Self development is the bedrock of career advancement, whether you are moving laterally or not; whether you are out of job and looking to get a new job.

While you wait for that new job opportunity and while you may use this period to find other means of survival, do not lose sight of your goal, and if this goal is to be in the professional space, self development is key; hence, you should think of the relevant skills you would develop. If you are a hair dresser, upskill in that area, and also learn other things that would support the growth of your business (i.e., lead generation, etc.). If you are an accountant, try advancing your skills in that area and become a better accountant. If you are a software developer, learn the relevant programming languages, and familiarize yourself with relevant technologies, while keeping up with industry trends and changes. Whatever field you are in, look deeper into the industry and determine the skills needed across various growth levels in that field (from bottom to top). If you feel you do not have a marketable skill regardless of being employed or not, it is never late to start learning something you are passionate about or something you can connect with regularly. Start learning something, and discipline yourself to remain consistent in your learning without much focus on overnight success. The goal should be to acquire the skill, and be able to show this during the interview and beyond that.

Certainly, by the time you are done learning, the world will hear your success story; however, you must be the key driver of your own success. Start learning!